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Contents marked by '[J]' are written with Japanese font set.
But you can see some photographs included in it !

New creations
FEB/4/2001 add comment about Octopus Village @ "I made it!"
FEB/4/2001 Golf cart @ "I made it!"
FEB/4/2001 Microfig scale AT-AT @ "I made it!"
FEB/4/2001 Microfig scale AT-ST @ "I made it!"
NOV/5/2000 Octopus Village @ "I made it!"
NOV/5/2000 Tiny mechs @ "I made it!"
MAY/1/2000 An old coach and a streetcar and EF65 @ "I made it!"
MAR/27/2000 Town structures @ "I made it!"
FEB/27/2000 Nash's car @ "I made it!"
FEB/19/2000 "LEGOmates'" transrated to English.

[JUL/18/99]--*my actual LEGO-ful chamber [J]
[J] under flounder creation*--[DEC/19/99]
[FEB/4/01]--*I made it!
[JAN/14/01]--*chroniclego [J]
"LEGO MANIAX"report*--[SEP/18/99]
[JUL/18/99]--*manurial materials
[J] Beheld! Bought! Built!*--[AUG/24/99]
[DEC/4/00]--*Minifig theatre [J]
LEGOnardo da LINK*--[sometimes]

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